Media Action Média promotes gender equity through media analysis and action.

Media Action Média envisions a media environment that respects and reflects people in all their diversity, celebrates their capacity and contribution, and nurtures rather than erodes their self-esteem and opportunities.

We seek to:

  • Raise public awareness of the impact of media portrayals and practices on social attitudes and behaviour
  • Engage consumers in constructive dialogue with media producers about their desire to see more responsible practice
  • Challenge socially destructive myths (for example, that sexuality is the primary source of women and girls’ power)
  • Replace denigrating portrayals with realistic and inspiring ones.

Our plans include:

  • Bringing humour, playfulness and innovation to a critique of media sexism
  • Celebrating and drawing attention to examples of positive portrayals and responsible representations of women
  • Using new technologies and viral marketing strategies to expand reach and connect with diverse audiences in innovative ways
  • Engaging and involve young women who are creating and disseminating their own media messages
  • Developing strategic, project-based partnerships to capitalize on consonance of interests with educators and media producers and build independence from government funding
  • Supporting individuals in making themselves heard by media organizations in ways that influence changes in practice
  • Providing links between women’s organizations, academics, and media producers, connecting people united by their concern for the issues
  • Popularizing relevant research and improving its accessibility and use
  • Coaching women to improve their capacity to interact with media, articulate their issues and express their perspectives.

Media Action Média is comprised of a volunteer board of directors and volunteers.

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