Ask Women Anything – Kathie Donovan

Ask Women Anything – Kathie DonovaThe Ask Women Anything event hosted by Media Action Média on the evening of April 24th, 2014, was a beautifully wholesome experience with guest speaker, Kathie Donovan.

Kathie shared with us her story of how she came to be the Kathie Donovan we all know and love today. She began her career on a children’s radio show in St. John, New Brunswick, at the age of eight. The once-timid little girl found her confidence behind the anonymity of presenting on the radio, which propelled her down the path of a life in the media.

While at school, she was faced with the dilemma that most people face at the start of their career: how does one get a job without having the required experience? Kathie solved this by starting out as a volunteer for a radio network and working her through the ranks, with her determination and passion leading the way.

Her journey through the world of radio, TV, public speaking and most recently, writing, has given her a recipe for happiness using the principles of the Law of Attraction. She discovered that one’s thoughts and intentions are a predictor of what is to come in the future.  Kathie believes that promoting the power of an authentic connection between people is both her mission and her vision. She sees herself and others alike, as being able to spread the light of happiness by either being a source of it or by being the mirror that reflects it.

Kathie’s thought-provoking talk left the audience feeling truly engaged and inspired. This month’s Ask Women Anything event was a treat for the many the guests who attended!

Media Action Média would like to thank:

  • Kathie Donovan for sharing her time with us and our audience
  • Our wonderful audience for listening, asking questions and taking part in our raffle draw
  • Hintonburg Public House for holding the event in their cozy setting
  • All the volunteers who made this event possible

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