Ask Women Anything with Amanda Jette Knox

Amanda interview smallMedia Action Media started off this year’s Ask Women Anything Series with a bang on Thursday January 28th with Amanda Jette Knox @mavenofmayhem.  In front of a packed, warm, and engaged audience, Amanda took us through her story of resilience and courage.

Over the years, Amanda has had to overcome many obstacles to be the person she is now. She dealt with bullying, addictions, and homelessness before she began the journey she is on now with her daughter Alexis, an amazing and courageous girl who recently came out, by telling her mother that she is a girl trapped in a boy’s body.

Ottawans were transfixed by Amanda’s story.  They asked questions about her feelings on being an advocate for transgender children, her thoughts on research in the area, and her daughter’s school experiences.  They also cheered on her recent high school graduation, and laughed and laughed (Amanda’s really very witty.)

It was an incredible evening.  Thanks to Pressed Café for hosting the event, for worthashot for taking the amazing pictures, and for helping with promotion and to all the dedicated volunteers.


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