Ask Women Anything with #CorneredInOttawa

#CorneredInOttawa is deeply committed to identifying the damaging/violent/lawless behaviour of Luke Howard in an honest, authentic and balanced way.  This was the message that the audience at Media Action’s latest Ask Women Anything event heard right away as the event started.


Kira-Lynn Ferderber (L) and Rosella Chibambo of #CorneredInOttawa

As the discussion continued (about 30 minutes over with not a person in the room moving to leave) Rosella Chibambo and Kira-Lynn Ferderber detailed how they came to be part of creating #CorneredInOttawa (It was very organic and born from a group of people who came together in the wake of a perceived biased CBC story on Luke Howard), how #CorneredInOttawa has changed the media conversation around Luke Howard (giving balance to the story rather than salacious details, correcting the narrative and shifting the focus) and discussing how they would like to see men and women continue to engage on this and similar issues going forward.


Attendees were completely engaged and took part in healthy debate on how men could better support this issue, how Luke Howard is bad for men as well as women and why the media might have responded as they did.  Seeing as how Luke Howard’s actions affect the entire society as a whole, it was a general consensus at the event that we need to see more men taking action and actively rejecting Howard’s philosophy.


Kira-Lynn Ferderber is a feminist rapper who teachers anti-racist bystander intervention to prevention sexual violence.  Rosella Chibambo is a coordinator for the International Campaign to Stop Rape and Gender Violence in Conflict.  They hosted last night’s Ask Women Anything as part of #CorneredInOttawa. Media Action would like to thank the manager Kelsey Burns and staff at Artissimo for hosting the AWA with #CorneredInOttawa. A special thanks also goes to for interviewing the speakers and partnering with Media Action for promotion.


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