Ask Women Anything with Jenna and Kayla Spagnoli


Jenna and Kayla Spagnoli are in charge — that’s how we should have introduced them at the beginning of Tuesday night’s Ask Women Anything event. These feminists lit up Artissimo, claimed it for their own and held a truly inspiring dialogue with the numerous Ottawa community members gathered to chat with them.

Jenna and Kayla are self-described feminists who came to the term through different paths. Jenna learned about this term in high school and passed much of her learnings on to Kayla. Kayla’s lived experiences led her down this path where she made a conscious decision to become a feminist.


While chatting with each other and the audience, the twins each credited the other with coming up with the label “The Feminist Twins”. They told stories about being an undertaker (“it was misogynistic and sexist”, “I feel I really helped people” and “you have to go through a lot of interviews to screen the sick people out”) and about high school (“you are told not to question authority or you can be sent to the office”).


The twins chatted with audience members about the new Ontario sex education curriculum and how it is a step in the right direction. Jenna and Kayla also gave their views on being fetishized as twins, on how they handle rape jokes, and how they feel about various men’s movements. And they did so with incredibly funny and engaging bantering. What a night!

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Ottawa loves you, Jenna and Kayla.



Thanks again to the amazing staff at Artissimo for keeping it going, and to the fantastic Wingd staff who make us look good — Tony Li took all the lovely photos above — and read their interview with the twins, as well as their follow-up review (in French) on the event! And of course to all the Ottawans who came out to take part in our event!

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