Ask Women Anything with Peggy Taillon


Ask Women Anything with Peggy Taillon

Media Action Média has been hosting Ask Women Anything events for a little more than a year.  They are opportunities to chat with amazing women from the Ottawa community in an intimate atmosphere without a media filter.   They are always inspiring and fun and last night’s with Peggy Taillon was no different.

In spite of the heat, a small crowd gathered at Artissimo Coffee ‘n Tea to sip iced teas on comfy couches and listen to Peggy Taillon.  Peggy spoke very candidly about her journey, both literally and figuratively, that brought her to where she is now.  She spoke about being confronted with a choice when she was on a trip to Kenya and how the result of that choice made her an instant parent.  After this, Peggy’s eyes were opened and her entire approach to life and what she held as important entirely shifted.  The audience asked her about whether she was concerned about the racism directed toward black men in the U.S. and increasingly in Canada, whether she herself experienced criticism being the white mum of a black child, and how she fostered a connection to Kenya for both herself and her son.  Audience members also had a number of questions for Peggy on her motivation, her life’s philosophy and advice she would give others to make the world better.  It was remarkable to listen to Peggy’s honesty and passion while speaking about sometimes very difficult topics, in her efforts to inspire the audience to find their own passion and to make the world better.   At the end of the evening, the audience won raffle prizes from, Famous Players and the Public Policy Forum.  Our partner Wingd took the fabulous event photos!


This was such an inspiring evening for all of us.  Thanks so much Peggy!

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