Media Action Média presents the Ask Women Anything Series Featuring Angela Schliehauf from the Three Little Birds

On February 26, 2014, Media Action Média hosted our inaugural Ask Women Anything event at the Hintonburg Public House. This series is being launched to allow women to speak about their experiences with media in an unfiltered setting.Angela Schleihauf, of the Ottawa folk band Three Little Birds, was our featured speaker.

Angela spoke for about 10 minutes about her experiences as a member of an all women band that has played in the Ottawa Jazz, Blues and Folk festivals, has toured the East Coast of Canada and has handled a number of media appearances as part of this work. After her introduction, the floor was opened to questions from the incredibly engaged audience.

Angela Schleihauf answered questions about feminism, how technology impacts of views of women, how women’s work is devalued and where she finds mentors for her music. Angela Schleihauf spoke at length about Miley Cyrus, and musicians like her. She argued that much of the criticism of Miley is rooted in misogyny and “slut-shaming”. She also encouraged audience members to consider Miley’s goals in her self-presentation, a lens that was new to many audience members.

The event was free, but money was raised through a raffle. Prizes were donated by Roo Hoo Pots, Primal Intelligence, the Brass Monkey, Sobey’s, and Kathy Smart from Live The Smart Way.

Media Action Média is thrilled with the launch of this new series and looks forward to hosting the next Ask Women Anything event!

Click here for more details on the Three Little Birds’ next event in Ottawa