‘Miss Representation’ a wake-up call for teen girls


Here’s a movie Review of “Miss Representation” via the Seattle Times:

Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s documentary “Miss Representation” is peppered with statistics and anecdotes, many of them alarming: American teenagers spend nearly 11 hours a day in front of a television, computer or other media device. Seventy-eight percent of 17-year-old girls are unhappy with their bodies. Some state’s medical programs won’t cover domestic abuse if it’s considered to be a pre-existing condition. Nancy Pelosi tells the camera that when she first ran for public office, her youngest child was a senior in high school; yet, interviewers kept asking her who would take care of her children if she were elected.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg in a film that’s frustratingly wide-ranging; “Miss Representation” hops from body-image issues to the lack of women in higher office in the U.S. to TV violence to women directors to Katie Couric’s skirt lengths (discussed by Couric herself), all in a quick 90 minutes.

Read the full review here.

To learn more about the film, visit MissRepresentation.org

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