A Look Back at MediaWatch
Author(s): Andrea Benoit
September 30, 2008
Gendering Facebook: Privacy and Commodification
Author(s): Nicole Cohen and Leslie Regan Shade
Popular Culture and Female Sexuality: Consuming the “Representations”
Author(s): Patrizia Gentile, Pauline Jewett
November 2007
“It Just Sucks You In”: Young Women’s Use of Facebook
Author(s): Leslie Regan Shade
November 2007
Perceptions of Female Sexuality in the Media and Social Networking Technology
Author(s): EKOS Research Associates
July 2007
Women Strike Out: 1998 Newspaper Survey
Author(s): MediaWatch
Front and Centre: Minority Representation on Television
Author(s): MediaWatch
Representations of Diversity in Canadian Television Entertainment Programming: Case Studies
Author(s): Media Action Media, 2011


Retouching physical truth creates deadly falsehoods
Author(s): Shari Graydon
April 21, 2008
Still Short of Full Personhood
Author(s): Shari Graydon
October 17 and 18, 2007
Breaking Up – The Best Way to Save Yourself
Author(s): Shari Graydon June 3, 2007
Our Bodies Don’t Need Accessories
Author(s): Shari Graydon
January 15, 2007
Good For The Gander
Author(s): Shari Graydon
October 2006
Putting The Boots to Terra
Author(s): Shari Graydon
November 17, 2003


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